Hazardous Waste

Representative Projects
Hazardous Waste
  • Identifying and reporting a facility’s waste streams
  • Permitting waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities
  • Investigating and cleaning up contamination caused by releases of hazardous waste

These activities and many more are mandated by the “cradle to grave” concept of hazardous waste management adopted by the United States in the 1980s. Now, three decades later, RCRA and CERCLA regulations are enforced by federal and state governments via a myriad of rules, policies, and guidance that can produce more confusion than clarity. TriAD personnel help our clients untangle this knot of red tape using our expertise and good rapport with regulators.

Within the RCRA framework of regulations, TriAD prepares Part A and Part B permits and permit renewal applications, develops closure and post-closure care cost estimates using COSTPRO, characterizes and investigates SWMUs and AOCs, performs RCRA facility assessments and facility investigations, monitors sites during operations, develops corrective measures studies, and implements corrective actions.

TriAD is also very experienced with CERCLA projects, including National Priority List Superfund sites, state Superfund sites, and state voluntary actions authorized through CERCLA. Our work includes all phases of remediation, from preliminary site assessment through final design and remedial oversight. We have assisted responsible parties in the negotiation of Agreed Orders and Scopes of Work and have successfully negotiated favorable clean-up standards and site management approaches with both state and federal agencies, thereby substantially reducing compliance, remediation, and closure costs.

On a smaller but no less important scale, TriAD assists businesses large and small in identifying, characterizing, and finding appropriate disposal options for hazardous waste generated by their manufacturing processes.

Representative Projects

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