Confidential Commercial Landfill Client

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Confidential Commercial Landfill Client

TriAD has assisted this private landfill developer in all phases of investigation, permitting, and compliance for various Class I (municipal) and IV (construction and demolition) sites.  Subsurface investigations have included geologic, hydrogeologic, geophysical, and dye traces.  TriAD has also prepared the engineering plans, drawings, manuals, and cost estimates necessary for permitting.  Subsequent to permitting, we have completed detailed construction plans and specifications for use during bid acquisition and subsequent construction.  To facilitate environmentally compliant operations, TriAD has conducted construction quality assurance monitoring, performed training, developed Storm Water Plans and Spill Plans, monitored air and landfill gas, and performed groundwater monitoring, gas probe installation, and groundwater monitoring well installation at various facilities. TriAD also provided regulatory and public coordination during all phases of permitting and monitoring including representation at community and public hearings.

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