SWMU 57/58

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SWMU 57/58

Sanders Lead Company is a large, secondary lead smelter that recycles lead-acid batteries. It is a RCRA-permitted facility subject to corrective action for certain Solid Waste Management Units (SWMUs) and Areas of Concern (AOCs). Through past operations, a stream and wetland on the property were impacted by wastewater. The sediment, surface water, and groundwater contained high levels of lead, antimony, and arsenic, and a large quantity of sediment had caused deterioration of the wetland. The area was identified as a SWMU requiring remediation.

TriAD developed a remedial design that included an innovative in-situ wetland enhancement to reduce off-site migration of the lead-impacted sediment and to promote an anaerobic environment to produce lead sulfide and bind soluble lead as a lead-sulfide precipitate.

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