Langdale Forest Products, Inc.

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Langdale Forest Products, Inc.

TriAD has assisted this RCRA-regulated wood treatment and preserving facility in several compliance areas, including negotiation and preparation of a Part-B permit, preparation and implementation of a Groundwater Corrective Action Plan, preparation of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, and routine environmental compliance. TriAD performed aquifer testing and groundwater modeling at the facility to assess appropriate remedial alternatives for the containment of a creosote dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DANPL) and remediation of a dissolved-phase plume. A groundwater removal system including biological treatment was designed and installed that effectively contained and reduced the contaminant plume. Recently TriAD has performed additional site investigation to better delineate the DNAPL. This work has involved the successful use of the TarGOST system developed by Dakota Technologies, which is a laser-induced fluorescence screening tool designed for tar-specific DNAPL identification.

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