Vestal Foundry Sand Landfill

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Vestal Foundry Sand Landfill

TriAD assisted Vestal in working with the Tennessee Division of Solid Waste Management (TDSWM) to bring Vestal’s foundry sand dump, which is located near a stream and a wetland, into compliance with Tennessee industrial waste landfill standards.  As part of these efforts, TriAD completed the following compliance tasks:

  • Part II Permit Application documents, including the Hydrogeologic Report, Operations Manual, Construction Quality Assurance Plan, Closure/Post-Closure Plan, and Engineering Drawings.  Part of the permit application documentation prepared by TriAD included the results from total and TCLP testing of the wastes that were used to justify requests for multiple and various waivers from the stringent regulatory standards;
  • TriAD worked with the Tennessee Chapter of the American Foundrymen’s Society to negotiate with the TDSWM a permit-by-rule or model permit/reduced application for such foundry sand landfills;
  • Development of a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan for the facility; and
  • Completed SARA Title III requirements for Toxic Release Inventory reporting.
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