Cedartown Industries NPL Site

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Cedartown Industries NPL Site

TriAD acted as the Supervising Contractor for this National Priorities List Superfund site. Industrial activities including a foundry operation and secondary lead smelting operation were conducted on the 7-acre site from 1974 through 1980. Based on the results of multiple phases of investigation, the U.S. EPA selected solidification/stabilization of lead-impacted soil and continued groundwater monitoring as the appropriate remedial action at the Site.

Based on the selected remedy, TriAD personnel prepared the Remedial Design/Remedial Action (RD/RA) documents for approval by U.S. EPA. Prior to the preparation of final documents, additional field investigation activities were recommended to more fully identify the vertical and horizontal extent of the lead-impacted soils. The results of these additional investigatory and analytical activities enabled TriAD to substantially reduce the proposed soil excavation/treatment area identified during the Remedial Investigation.

The design submittals included a preliminary, pre-final, and final design submittal. TriAD was successful in deleting the requirement for a formal intermediate design submittal. TriAD personnel continued to coordinate the progress and technical elements of the project with U.S. EPA throughout the design to provide for a smooth review period and subsequent approval of final documents.

During review of the final RD/RA documents, TriAD prequalified potential remediation contractors and submitted final bid documents to the qualifying contractors subsequent to U.S. EPA approval. As the Supervising Contractor for the Site, TriAD monitored the onsite remedial action and prepared the post-remediation certification documents. RA activities included the demolition of onsite structures, excavation and treatment via solidification with Type I Portland Cement of approximately 11,000 cubic yards of lead-impacted soils, verification sampling, backfilling, and paving.

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