SWMU No. 1 Interim Measures

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SWMU No. 1 Interim Measures

TriAD provided construction quality assurance (CQA) monitoring during remediation of the operations area (Solid Waste Management Unit No. 1) at this former secondary lead smelter facility. The work was performed as an Interim Measure required by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Solid Waste Management. The project involved:

  • stabilization of the north bank of the Harpeth River adjacent to the facility,
  • excavation of lead-impacted material from previously delineated areas,
  • consolidation of lead-impacted material onto Solid Waste Management Unit (SWMU) No. 1,
  • construction of a soil cap across SWMU No. 1, and
  • site restoration.

TriAD provided continuous observation and documentation throughout the interim measures activities, which involved site clearing, cofferdam construction, erosion and sediment control, access ramp construction, placement of rip rap, and excavation of lead-impacted materials. Over 10,000 cubic yards of impacted materials were removed and consolidated into the existing SWMU.

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