Municipal (Class I) and Industrial (Class II) Landfills

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Municipal (Class I) and Industrial (Class II) Landfills

TriAD performs routine groundwater monitoring and reporting at several landfills in Tennessee. The work involves groundwater sampling and analysis using groundwater monitoring plans approved by the Tennessee Division of Solid Waste Management. The work requires careful review of field and laboratory data to ensure compliance with client and regulatory standards and performance and/or review of groundwater statistical analyses for both detection and assessment monitoring. TriAD prepares reports and other documentation, and supports the clients during discussions with TDSWM. In more than one case, expanded monitoring and analysis was used to determine that groundwater impacts were the result of landfill gas migration, allowing an appropriate and effective corrective action. In one instance, elevated nickel concentrations at a monitored spring were found to be natural background conditions, resulting in a successful alternate source demonstration.

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