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Tennessee Department of Transportation Facilties

To comply with TDOT’s Statewide MS-4 Permit, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) for County District Garages, Weigh Stations, Salt Sheds, Rest Areas, and Welcome Centers across the State were developed. In preparation for this effort, TriAD prepared and transmitted a Model SWPPP for use by all team members during facility inspections and storm water plan development. Subsequent to preparation of the model SWPPP, TriAD personnel, in conjunction with other selected contractors, conducted on-site evaluations of each facility to identify potential pollutant sources, inventory materials stored at the site, and determine existing draining features and outfalls. Where applicable, recommendations for reducing the potential for storm water pollution through improved material handling and storage were made during the site investigation to facilitate immediate improvements to storm water quality. Subsequent to development, training of facility personnel was conducted to ensure proper implementation of the individual plans.

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