Water Quality Assessment – State Route 840

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Water Quality Assessment – State Route 840

TriAD personnel participated in a field study, with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and other selected contractors, to evaluate stream and water quality conditions along an approximate 15-mile section of State Route 840. A primary study objective along approximately 5 miles of the proposed route was to collect additional information to support TDOT’s efforts in securing appropriate Aquatic Resource Alteration Permits at stream and wetland crossings. In addition, the entire 15-mile segment was evaluated for steam tier classification of potentially impacted stream segments. Public participation in the sampling effort was encouraged and various private individuals and environmental group representatives accompanied the sampling team throughout the study. At the completion of the sampling event and subsequent analysis of samples for various water quality indicators, the streams were appropriately classified and TDOT was approved to proceed with the permitting and stream crossing designs.

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