Residential Mold Sampling

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Residential Mold Sampling

TriAD was contracted by a mold remediation company to conduct airborne mold sampling at a house in Franklin, Tennessee. The airborne mold sampling was conducted following mold remediation and consisted of the collection of four air samples. The sampling was performed using a pre-calibrated high-volume air pump operated for 5 minutes at a flow rate of 15 liters per minute at each sampling location. Two samples were collected in the interior of the house and two samples were collected outside for comparative analysis. TriAD personnel conducted a visual inspection during the site visit. The visual inspection included checking building materials for the presence of visible mold, inspecting for water sources that may contribute mold growth, measuring the temperature, measuring the relative humidity, and using a moisture meter to test multiple building materials for moisture levels. At the conclusion of the site visit all samples were properly documented and transferred under chain-of-custody procedures to a qualified commercial laboratory.

Upon receipt of the analytical results, TriAD produced a report documenting site activities, observations and the results of the sampling. The analytical results indicated high levels of aspergillus/penicillium spores within the house. We recommended further action to decrease the elevated airborne mold levels.

The mold remediation company returned to the site and conducted further remediation efforts. TriAD then returned to conduct additional sampling. The analytical results of the second site visit indicated that mold levels had been reduced to an acceptable range for indoor environments and we recommended that no further action be taken.

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