Indoor Air Sampling – Manufacturing Facility

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Indoor Air Sampling – Manufacturing Facility

TriAD was contracted to conduct indoor air quality sampling at a wire production facility in Tennessee. The purpose of the sampling was to identify specific airborne respirable metals in the vicinity of a nickel-plating line within the facility. The monitoring event consisted of the collection of five area air samples. The air monitoring was performed using low-volume air pumps that were pre-calibrated prior to the placement at the monitoring locations. The pumps were placed in the nickel-plating area and at the perimeter of the nickel-plating area. The pumps were operated for approximately eight hours at a flow rate of approximately 2.0 liters per minute at each monitoring location.

At the conclusion of the sampling event, all pumps were stopped, the operating time was recorded, and a post-calibration of each pump was conducted. All samples were properly documented and transferred under chain-of-custody procedures to a qualified commercial laboratory.

Samples were analyzed for the welding fumes profile, which includes fifteen different metals utilizing the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Method 7300M. Upon receiving the laboratory analytical report, TriAD calculated the 8-hour time weighted average (TWA). Aluminum and nickel were detected in each of the five monitoring locations. The analytical results indicated all of the constituents of concern at all monitoring locations were well below the OSHA PELs for a calculated 8-hour TWA. Based on this information all samples are within an acceptable range for indoor air working environments.

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